For over a decade now, we have been providing premium must have African travel tools. Successfully bridging conversations between the ‘innkeeper/service provider’ and the traveller. Constantly pushing the envelope in African travel with innovative media and travel solutions, we understand Africa and we understand what she has to offer as a tourist destination.Africa Travel Series or (ATS) as we are lovingly referred to; is the continents leader in travel. Our dedicated team are experts committed to seeing Africa rise as a tourist destination . We are passionate about African travel and the continent of Africa.Our Top Accolade Awards have become highly sort after by service providers on the continent who are constantly upping their game. The traveller recognises these accolade nominees as safe to stay, non-scammers and independently voted in suppliers/service providers.We increase tourist traffic to the continent year on year by attracting travellers both from within Africa and across the seas to hidden gems that are truly African. 

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